• Programming with Python (3MMBPI)
  • Introduction to data science (3MMISD)
  • Machine learning semester project (in French, restricted access) for avalanche prediction
  • Applications of data science and artificial intelligence (4MMASDIA): case study in metagenomics and medicine.
    • Lecture 1: Introduction to case studies of the lecture series, curse of dimensionality, regularization.
    • Lecture 2: Regularization, experimental evidence of the curse of dimensionality, logitic regression.
    • Lecture 3: hands-on predicting Inflammatory Bowel Disease from gut microbiome structure and its data.
    • Lecture 4: Imbalanced datasets
  • Principles and methods in statistics (3MMPMS)
  • Algorithmics (3MMALGO)

Mastere BigData